Off-site or On-site Fabrication - we have you covered


Smart Energy Insulation is a collaborative family of full-service insulation contractors. We offer turn-key solutions from abatement of mold, lead or asbestos to the mechanical insulation of piping, ductwork, and equipment. We also offer custom removable insulation covers for items requiring request maintenance. We abatement and mechanical insulation services available anywhere in Michigan, Ohio, Northern Indiana and Kentucky. For our custom insulation covers, we ship worldwide. As a group of companies under the Smart Energy Insulation umbrella, we strive to be the BEST insulation contractors with a focus on safety, quality, and energy & environmentally sound building for the owner’s future life cycle of the facility.


The Smart Energy Insulation has three Mechanical Insulation branches to serve a larger demographic area. as as follows:

  • Michigan Mechanical Insulation (Headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI)

  • Lake State Insulation (Lansing)

  • Toledo Mechanical Insulation (Toledo/Lima, OH)

Even though our listed selected areas may be outside your project, Smart Energy Insulation will also work outside these local areas. If you would like us to quote a project abroad, please contact Michigan Mechanical Insulation.

The Smart Energy Insulation can assist you with the following services:

  • Plumbing Insulation

  • HVAC Pipe Insulation

  • Ductwork Insulation

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Off-site or On-site Fabrication - we have you covered!

When a project requires fabrication on-site, but the site logistics prevent the availability of an enclosed area to expertly fabricate items, we have a solution. Our branch Toledo Mechanical Insulation has a trailer set-up just for fabrication!

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Farmington Hills, MI 48335

Michigan Mechanical Abatement is the oldest Mechanical Abatement company in Michigan with a track record of safety and service in the Metro Detroit area.

  • Asbestos, Lead & Mold Abatement

  • Clean Room Demolition

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Apex Removable Covers

Manufactures high-quality removable insulation covers for commercial and industrial applications, including mechanical piping and equipment out of our Farmington Hills, Michigan, fabrication facility.

Our custom removable/reusable insulation covers and blankets are the perfect solutions to insulate piping, fittings, valves, instrumentation, and equipment that requires periodic to frequent maintenance or is otherwise unsuitable for permanent insulation.

  • Precise custom fit – fits any system

  • Expertly finished with sewn seams, gusseted edges, and fail-safe closures

  • Dimensions verified by field measurement for accuracy

  • Designed with no gaps or undue compression of the insulation to maintain thermal effectiveness

  • Constructed for ease of installation and removal without the use of special tools or skills.


Smart Energy Insulation as a premier energy auditor for Michigan, Ohio, Northern Indian and Kentucky. Energy auditing determines:

  • Determine heat loss

  • Determine heat gain

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Farmington Hills, MI 48335