Work Smart - Work Safe is our Moto: If it isn't Safe we won't do it


Smart Energy Insulation puts safety first. Our safety program starts with a corporate-wide promotion of safety-minded culture. When we developed our safety program, we looked at many variables. The research we conducted spans from first OSHA regulatory guidelines, then to our mainstay of customers, which are typically mechanical contractors. Next, we reviewed many general contractor programs and as well the owner safety programs. Looking at all facets of safety programs has helped us create an all-inclusive safety program we can populate our safety culture with. By doing this research, Smart Energy Insulation has found that we not only satisfy safety protocol for sites we currently work on, it also affords us the ability to satisfy all parties involved in projects we bid on. As a result, we make the contractor pre-qualification process simple for all parties. All items below must be considered to ensure safety on a job site!


Our safety program starts with PEOPLE. Safety starts from the top with our President Michael O’Connell to our Safety Leader DesShawn Gaines, then to our site safety coordinators and then to our foreman. Many companies look at safety as a line item of cost. This is where Smart Energy Insulation differs from the competition. Safety is not a line item cost and we can’t even comprehend when a person would say, “this is not a safe site.” If we are working on a site and other contractors or even the owner is not wearing the correct PPE, we will be wearing the correct PPE for the site. Working Smart and safety takes teamwork, from the general foreman to the mechanic, everyone has a part in developing the culture.


Even with the best safety program in the world, if you don’t provide safety equipment to employees the program is irrelevant. We only use safety equipment that will let our workforce go home to their family. Our equipment is inspected and documented regularly and if any issues are found the item is either fixed or taken out of service. There is no reason an employee should suffer an injury or worse by allowing an employee to use defective equipment. As a result, we have a logged safety equipment roster that shows check-out to site and check-in. After check-in from a site, the equipment is inspected before it can be sent out to a new job site.


Smart Energy Insulation is all about the process and improvement of processes. As a corporation, we look at all aspects of the job from productivity, quality, and most importantly safety. Safety doesn’t cost money, it makes it! If a company can speed up productivity they may think it makes money, if that increase in productivity results in a scenario that affects safety, then safety becomes a cost. If a company has a well-defined and executed safety program it makes the company money. This leads us to our safety program process outlined below:

  • Fill out Pre-Bid Contractor Pre-Qualification forms

  • If awarded, visit Jobsite to research site-specific hazards

  • Create a job Pre-Task Analysis

  • Safety manager reviews Pre-Task Analysis with site foreman

  • Foreman reviews Pre-Task Analysis with mechanics and apprentices

  • Foreman fill out Daily Safety Sheets

  • Worksite safety documents are digitally stored in the cloud

  • Safety forms are available in the cloud or available the job trailer

  • If unfortunately an incident does occur, our crew knows the procedures and documentation required.


Smart Energy Insulation documents all safety records and stores them in the cloud for easy organization and retrieval. All employees participate in the Management and Unions Serving Together (MUST) program, mandating drug screening prior to working on a job site or starting a new job at one of our branch offices. Daily Task Analysis, Pre-Task Analysis, Toolbox Talks Inspections records, and OSHA 300 & OSHA 300A forms are all documented and stored. Smart Energy Insulation supplies Experience Modification Rating (EMR), Days Away/Restricted or Job Transfer Rate (DART), Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) records as well as a Certificate of Insurance (COI) per customer or potential customer request. We also submit injury and illness data from our OSHA 300 & OSHA 300A forms. This information is used to improve both project and corporate safety performance and makes Smart Energy Insulation a safe construction company.

Smart Energy Insulation has earned an impressive safety record – our EMR reflects a construction safety record better than the industry average. This does not come without careful planning and a caring for our people. Everyone should be able to return to their families every day and feel good that they are part of a great company.


Amerisure & McNish Group Award for Outstanding Safety Performance 2013-2017

2020 Central States Insulation Association Platinum Level Award

2019 Gold Status CAM Safety Achievement Award

2019 AGC Michigan Outstanding Safety Performance Award

2018 Central States Insulation Association Gold Level Award

2018 Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Gold Contractor Award

2018 AGC Michigan Outstanding Safety Performance Award

2018 Tauc 36rd Annual Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Excellence in Health & Safety

2017 Central States Insulation Association Bronze Level Award

2017 Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Gold Contractor Award

2017 Tauc 35rd Annual Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Excellence in Health & Safety

2016 Tauc 34rd Annual Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Excellence in Health & Safety

2016 Central States Insulation Association Bronze Level Award

2016 Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Bronze Contractor Award

2016 Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Construction Safety & Health

2015 Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Silver Contractor Award

2015 Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Construction Safety & Health

2015 Tauc 33rd Annual Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Excellence in Health & Safety

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